Jane Hance

For Product Design,
Sample Making, and Production


Jane Hance has over 35 years experience managing a production sewing business producing high quality sewn products from high-tech triathlon wear to high fashion dresses to backpacks. Her vast experience in working with specialized fabrics and construction types allows her to advise on design, construction, and quality control considerations which will make your products durable, efficient to produce, and priced right for your customers. She is now located in the Tampa Bay area serving clients across the country.

Contract Sewing Services


  • Prototypes
  • Sample Making
  • Design Consultation
  • Quality Control
  • Product Construction
  • Small Run Production

Examples of Products


  • Designer Wear
  • High Quality Boutique Sportswear
  • Concealed Carry Apparel
  • Infant and Children Apparel
  • Custom Branded Employee Clothing, Aprons, Ties, Scarves
  • Specialty Infant Products (Diaper Bags, Infant Wear, Blankets)
  • High Performance Athletic Wear (Triathlete Shirts and Shorts)
  • Delicate Fabrics (Silks, Knits, Dyed, and Imprinted)
  • Heavy Duty Bags (Specialized Sports Bags and Equipment Holsters)

JANE HANCE  |  P.O. Box 13745, Saint Petersburg, FL 33733  |  Phone 619.203.1922  |  Email Jane@JaneHance.com